Learn Develop & Grow

To facilitate the above, HCL has multiple programs which give employees the opportunity to learn, develop and grow.

  • Soft Skills through Learning & Development

There is no set formula for success and HCL takes it upon itself to motivate HCLites to be on a constant journey of self- discovery. HCL’s Learning and Development Programs are platforms where employees can not only ideate but learn with a focus on sustainable growth. During FY15, 25,384 unique employees availed various programs for their self-development. Based on internal assessment tools, the knowledge gained by the trained employees was 36%.

  • Domain Skills Training through Academies

At HCL, employees irrespective of gender, job levels and experience have opportunities to develop their skills and discover their potential through the various training programs. In FY15 employees across BSERV and Infra availed various trainings through academies of which 22.32% were women.

  • Leadership Development Programs

Certified HCL Leaders – The program aimed at newly promoted middle / senior managers looks to facilitate their transition to this new position of leadership. These new leaders go through a Harvard-certified leadership transition program and coaching to help them effectively perform in their new role.

HCL Advanced Business Leadership Program – This global mini-MBA pilot Programme is offered to identified leaders at senior management levels for building the pool of resources for future business leadership roles. The 6-7 month high-touch hybrid Programme is designed in partnership with global business schools and it’s objective is to strengthen business acumen through cross-functional integration and business management in the global business context.

Leadership Crucible – The program aims at addressing the learning needs of experienced business leaders. It is designed with the primary objective of developing the right competencies, at the desired proficiency levels, so that the HCL leaders are more successful in conducting their day-to-day business. An easy-paced construct allows for self-learning and application.

Women Leadership Development Program (ASCEND)- This Programme is a part of the Diversity initiative of HCL, which mandates increase in the representation of women in our senior management via multiple ways—including support Programmes, peer mentoring and coaching (all levels), and providing platforms to enable women leaders to learn and exhibit transformational leadership.

Stepping Stones- Stepping Stones is a focused career development program to enable our middle level women employees to realize their career aspirations and potential and help them in their developmental journey. It focuses on coaching women who are new mothers and require help to manage the new expectations at work and home. 949 women have benefitted from this program during FY15.

Feminspiration- This platform is facilitated by HCL Women Connect Affinity Network, where successful women leaders are invited to address HCLites. This forum has been launched to help HCLites gain insight into successful leadership as well as understand perspectives on gender matters.